5 tips for rat control that works like crazy!

rat control

When it gets cold outside, the rats make their inroads into the home in search of shelter. These unwanted guests are truly the worst ones you can ever have. They can absolutely leave your home in tatters and also lead to accidents such as electrical fire as they gnaw through the wires. Deadly bacteria such as Salmonella are present in their body which gets contaminated with the kitchen surface and foods to cause serious health hazards. With such prospects, rat infestation remains the biggest nightmare for any home/business owners. While such infestation can be removed, it is a better idea to opt for rat control measures beforehand so as to avoid it completely. Here are the top 5 tips-

  • Watch for the early signs of these invaders. If you seem to notice any scattered bedding or chewed fabric in your place then delay no further and opt for pest control help near your location right away.

  • Close all the entry portals. Block all the holes that lead to your building; remember that even the smallest holes can become an entry channel for mice and rats. Blocking these is half the battle won!

  • Get rid of the greenery around your property. Green or dry bushes near the place are a perfect place for these invaders to ambush and launch into your home when they get the chance.

  • You need to plant mint around your property. Having a garden of mint will make sure that the rats are driven away as they do not like the smell of – mint.

  • You can always have a cat to fight off the rat! The Fluffy friend of yours can be a real warrior to fend off the intruders.

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